Hungarian lessons – Hungarian language course

Although I am primarily an English teacher (with several years’ experience and a Master’s), I am completely bilingual and speak Hungarian as one of my native languages.

If you are in Hungary and are looking for private lessons in the Hungarian language, I would be happy to have you as my student. You will be taught by a very experienced language teacher with native levels of both English and Hungarian, as well as extensive knowledge of linguistics.

My hourly rate is 5000 Ft. I offer home visits in Budapest or you can come to my apartment located in district 4.

Learning Hungarian is especially difficult for native speakers of English, due to a very different pronunciation system and completely different grammar. I will try to bridge the divide between the two worlds with lots of communicative tasks, which allow as much pronunciation practice as possible.

Although I speak English, I try to follow best practices in modern language teaching, which means keeping communication in your native language to a minimum. I will try to set up tasks and convey grammar in Hungarian first, and then switch to English if you are struggling.

There are very few coursebooks available for Hungarian as a second language learners. One the brands I would recommend is „Magyar OK”

I would also recommend practicing your Hungarian with as many locals as possible during your everyday life here. Hungarians in general are friendly and open, and will not make you feel uncomfortable for not speaking Hungarian well (as opposed to some other countries…).